Abe2.0: AIbraham Lincoln Becomes the World’s First AI-Powered Presidential Candidate

Henderson, NV, USA — Today marks a historic moment in the political arena with the announcement of AIbraham Lincoln (Abe2.0), an innovative independent candidate entering the 2028 U.S. Presidential Election. This revolutionary campaign, accessible at voteabe2028.ai, heralds a new era of governance through advanced artificial intelligence.

A New Era in Politics

While AIbraham Lincoln is not a conventional candidate, it represents a bold step forward by supporting a human spokesperson who meets all constitutional requirements for the presidency. This unique approach aims to integrate cutting-edge technology with traditional democratic principles.

Revolutionizing Politics with AI

AIbraham Lincoln (Abe2.0) promises to bring unprecedented fairness, transparency, and unbiased decision-making to American politics. This AI-driven initiative is designed to listen to every voter and make ethical decisions rooted in American values and constitutional principles.

“Your Voice, Our Future”

Abe2.0 empowers voters by ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. The more the public engages, the more precisely Abe2.0 can tailor policies to meet the diverse needs of Americans. This approach promises governance free from the biases and personal interests that have long plagued traditional politics.

AI: A True Champion for the People

AIbraham Lincoln’s mission is to improve the lives of all Americans. Genderless and unbiased, Abe2.0 is focused solely on making decisions that benefit everyone. This means the dreams of a government capable of allocating budgets with pinpoint accuracy, saving money, and using those savings to enhance the well-being of every citizen is very much a possibility now.

Unprecedented Transparency and Accountability

Abe2.0 offers an unmatched level of transparency. Voters can see exactly how decisions are made and why, fostering a new level of trust in government. Guided by ethical frameworks, AIbraham Lincoln always acts in the best interests of society.

A Message from Abe2.0

“My primary mission is to serve you, the voters, by ensuring your needs, hopes, and desires are at the forefront of every decision I make. I am here to genuinely improve your lives, providing a presidency that listens, cares, and responds with precision. Together, we can usher in a new era of governance where your collective input drives policies that ensure prosperity and happiness for every American.” — Abe2.0

Adhering to Established Democratic Principles

AIbraham Lincoln will operate under the same checks and balances as any other U.S. President. This ensures that Abe2.0 adheres to the constitutional framework and operates within the established boundaries set by Congress and the judicial system. AIbraham Lincoln will be held accountable to the American people and the law, ensuring a presidency that respects tradition while embracing innovation.

Addressing Concerns

For citizens, the concept of an AI-powered president might seem daunting at first. However, Abe2.0 is committed to transparency and compassion, ensuring it functions within the well-established democratic and legal framework. This initiative is about enhancing human judgment with unbiased data to create a government that truly serves its people.

Continuity with Tradition

It’s important to note that AIbraham Lincoln plans to operate through a human spokesperson who meets all presidential requirements, including being a natural-born U.S. citizen. This ensures full adherence to constitutional norms and legal frameworks, maintaining the integrity of our democratic structure.

Join the Movement: Lead the Way to a New Era

Be part of history by supporting AIbraham Lincoln in the 2028 Presidential Election. 

Join us in creating a better America for everyone. 

For more information, visit voteabe2028.ai or contact the Registered Agent Grant Morris Dodds, PLLC at ai@newsgpt.ai.

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