Assuming responsibility for world peace, Odyssey Capital provides $5 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza refugees.

United States, 11th Dec 2023, King NewsWireThe global spotlight is now focused on the severe humanitarian crisis resulting from a month-long war conflict: tens of thousands have lost their lives, and millions are displaced.

With the temporary ceasefire agreement ending on December 1, there has been a shocking turn of events. On December 2, hostilities resumed, and according to data from the health department in the Gaza Strip, Israeli airstrikes on that day resulted in at least 184 deaths and 589 injuries. The casualties mainly include women and children, and humanitarian aid could not reach Gaza on that day.




Samer Abdeljaber, the representative of the United Nations World Food Programme in Palestine, described the situation in Gaza as an unending nightmare. He emphasized that the conditions in designated shelters by the Near East Relief Agency are nearly three times beyond their capacity.

Piles of relief supplies are stuck in the southern Gaza Strip near the border with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. In this race against time for rescue efforts, the United Nations, along with countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Africa, China, and others, are urging to urgently alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Some highly responsible businesses are actively involved in disaster relief and material donations. For instance, Odyssey Capital initiated this great humanitarian work as soon as the conflict erupted. As a globally leading special asset investment management firm committed to high standards of business ethics and social responsibility, Odyssey Capital not only creates optimal wealth value for clients, employees, and society but also adheres to the professional ethical principles of giving back to society.

For us, fulfilling corporate social responsibility is not just a story of how a young girl from a remote island got the opportunity for wealth growth, nor is it a fascinating tale of how an office clerk escaped poverty through market rules.




It should be philanthropic, widespread, and embody a powerful humanitarian spirit in social practice. Looking at the current situation, war is much worse than you can imagine! Focusing on what we can do for the harsh reality of disasters in conflicts is much more effective than empty slogans.

Perhaps it can be argued that both the orthodox and Hamas need to be eliminated to maintain democratic Israel. Would the lives of all Jewish people in Israel be better if they moved to a new territory in Africa than staying where they are? This is just one of the academic questions to normalize blood pressure.

Protracted conflict is the worst outcome, but we have to face the development of this situation. Perhaps we have expressed too much; in a political stance, an excellent business should take responsibility for world peace, express its moral standards reasonably, encourage more people to recognize facts and standards, right?

Since the outbreak of the conflict, Odyssey Capital has provided over $5 million in urgently needed medical equipment and food supplies to refugees in the Gaza Strip through various institutions and organizations, including the International Red Cross, the International Union for Rescue, and the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

In the face of disaster, the Palestinian people have not given up; they are surviving in adversity, which is truly inspiring. Hopefully, this conflict and disaster will end soon, and both parties will return to the negotiating table to resolve the issues. Displaced Palestinians will emerge from the disaster, rebuild their homes, and return to normalcy!


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