Source Unveils $MIR TOKEN Tokenomics, Poised to Lead Future of Global Crypto Finance

Moscow, Russia — Source, a preeminent provider of blockchain financial services, declares the introduction of $MIR TOKEN, an avant-garde BEP20 token poised to revolutionize cross-border transactions and payments. $MIR aspires to optimize global finance, rendering it more streamlined, cost-effective, and inclusive through pioneering blockchain technology.

“We are thrilled to unveil $MIR TOKEN as a testament to our dedication to advancing blockchain financial solutions,” expressed Jane Smith, CEO of Source. “This token shall expedite money transfers across regions, fostering expeditiousness, simplicity, and cost-efficiency, thereby ushering decentralized finance into the global arena.”

$MIR TOKENharnesses smart contract functionality, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions worldwide sans third-party intervention. This eradicates exorbitant fees and delays endemic to traditional international wire services, affording enhanced transparency through an immutable transaction ledger.

The prospects facilitated by $MIR TOKEN align with Source’s foundational vision of democratizing financial service accessibility. “Blockchain technology, while still in its nascent stages, undeniably disrupts conventional finance positively,” asserted Smith. “$MIR TOKEN, in our view, represents an opportunity to escalate this disruption, empowering more individuals and businesses worldwide to access and control their finances irrespective of their geographical or socioeconomic standing.”

Revolutionary Technology to Transform Finance

$MIR TOKEN stands as the inaugural token providing centralized banking systems access to open-source Blockchain models from R3, Corda, and Ripple. The integration of these potent blockchain solutions, extended to banks for the first time through an open-source license, promises substantial efficiency enhancements while unlocking avenues for innovation.

“The positioning of the $MIR token is unique, presenting the mainstream finance sector with cutting-edge blockchain systems,” conveyed Ray Lucas, Source Co-Founder, and Chief Innovation Officer. “We anticipate this to catalyze the next phase of financial evolution.”

$MIR TOKEN will operate on an exceedingly refined underlying blockchain employing advanced compression and enhanced server technology, achieving over 100 times the speed and scalability compared to extant networks.

“By amalgamating these software and hardware innovations with an accessible, user-friendly token, $MIR TOKEN unveils the complete potential of blockchain for real-world utility and adoption,” asserted Lucas.

Mainstream Integration via Practical Applications

Source eagerly anticipates collaborating on initiatives and partnerships to propel mainstream $MIR TOKEN adoption. “Our objective is to collaborate with governments, financial regulators, banks, and businesses to facilitate the transition of global finance to more equitable blockchain-based models over the next decade,” Smith stated.

Initial opportunities encompass remittances to developing regions like Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. $MIR presents substantial advantages for global remittance flows predicted to reach $1.2 trillion by 2025. Additionally, $MIR TOKEN aspires to broaden microfinance lending, elevate supply chain tracking, and bolster community banking growth, particularly in struggling economies.

$MIR Token’s Circulation

Out of the maximum 10 billion supply, 7.5 billion $MIR TOKEN has undergone irrevocable burning. Of the remaining 2.5 billion, 2 billion will be securely locked up for three years in a smart contract, precluding any access during this period. This leaves a mere 500 million $MIR TOKEN, a paltry 5% of the total supply, currently in circulation. As demand burgeons with expanding real-world utility, the constrained supply coupled with burning positions $MIR as a compelling deflationary asset.

“With judicious supply restrictions and one of the most aggressive burn rates in the industry, $MIR TOKEN exhibits tremendous upside potential as the adoption of our groundbreaking financial blockchain extends globally,” asserted Jane Smith, Source CEO. “$MIR TOKENprovides early crypto investors a cost-effective means to secure their position at the forefront of the decentralized finance revolution.”

The company underscores the importance of prudent regulation and oversight to foster the responsible expansion of crypto’s promise. “We advocate sustainable growth rooted in creating genuine underlying value rather than speculation driven by hype,” affirmed Smith. “The bedrock of our approach lies in enabling tangible utility through innovations like $MIR TOKEN that unlock the vast potential of blockchain.”

With this balanced tokenomics approach, Source endeavors to position $MIR TOKEN at the forefront of the future of finance, delivering robust blockchain technologies meticulously crafted for mainstream adoption.

Where can I buy $MIR TOKEN

Here are a few places where you can buy your $MIR TOKEN


Coinstore is a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading of popular coins like Bitcoin as well as altcoins like $MIR TOKEN. Their platform is easy to use with competitive fees and solid liquidity. 


Mexc is a rapidly growing exchange that frequently adds promising new cryptos like $MIR TOKEN early on. They have low fees, high trading volumes, and a simple signup process with no KYC required for basic accounts.


Coinsbit is a top 30 global cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of trading pairs including $MIR against stablecoins like USDT. Their platform is secure, easy to use, and accessible to most countries, making it a great option for purchasing $MIR tokens.


Toobit is a newer exchange that focuses on altcoin trading, so they have been quick to list hot tokens like $MIR. They have good liquidity for new projects and let you buy $MIR directly with USDT. Their registration process is fast and they have a simple trading interface suitable for newer investors.

About Source

Established in 2019 by tech veterans and financial experts, Source constructs blockchain solutions with the aim of propelling mainstream adoption. In 2021, Source introduced one of the world’s initial regulated stablecoins. Headquartered in New York with a global presence, the company staunchly advocates for the development of regulatory frameworks to expand decentralized finance.

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