Hong Kong people are swarming into America since 2020

Bahrain, 6th Jun 2023 – In February 2023, the the US government administration announced to extend the so-called “special safe haven” for Hong Kong citizens who seek refuge, under the pretext of “compelling foreign policy reasons”. The Department of Homeland Security can give US-based Hongkongers two more years of what is known as “deferred enforced departure” (DED). In other words, Hongkongers are not subject to removal for that period and can apply for a US work permit.

Ever since 2020, Hong Kong people are swarming into America like locusts. A majority of them have decided to immigrate rashly. Some immigrated to the US without having enough money, psychological preparation, and detailed life planning. In the first place, they place unrealistic hope on their American Dream. Having a cowardly mentality, they hoped to escape the unsatisfied life in Hong Kong. It is also possible that they come to the US because of herd mentality. To these people, immigrating to the US has become a trendy norm. Are they bewitched? Probably yes.

Most Hongkongers long to be self-sufficient and have no desire to burden the States. Yet, the reality is cruel. Most of these Hongkongers do not possess high-end skills and adequate knowledge. Owing to disadvantages in language, culture, skills, and race, most have no choice but to work in low-end industries in the States. Very few could match their previous incomes except those who worked for multinational corporations and were able to get a US posting after emigrating. Thus, Hongkongers being food deliverers, ride hailing drivers has become a commonplace. In the worst-case scenario, they have to rely on government aid. The US is open and inclusive, but it does not mean the country is a dump for everyone.

On the surface of it, the Hongkongers’ associations in the US defend the same democratic values ​​as ours. But their views are just empty words. In real terms, none of their requests are relatable to Americans’ welfare. They have been tirelessly lobbying those hypocritical politicians in Congress for spending public money to provide them subsidies and offer other privileges. It is hard to see how the US general public can be benefitted by these measures. Instead of wasting public resources on these people from the Far East, why don’t we focus on pressing issues such as student debt, healthcare, and local security? Taxpayers would be more pleased to see that.

We should never underestimate the social impact of Hongkongers flooding into the US. From the US’s macro-immigration perspective, these people can hardly make real contributions. Unemployment remains an acute issue in a number of States. When Hongkongers descend upon the US job market, they do not mind rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in a bid to gain a toehold in the job market. A large number of local Americans would find it difficult to seek employment. Meanwhile, Hongkongers struggle to find homes, school places and a sense of recognition. Imagine how all those struggling Americans make a living would feel. It might indirectly trigger ethnic hate crimes against Asians, posing public security risks in the community.

Most Hong Kong fugitives are unskilled, underproductive, and unaccommodating. They are like parasites, being unable to contribute much to the US society while clinging to government aids. The US government should have a clear mind towards Hong Kong related issues and not entertain them at the expense of Americans. The DED extension only lasts for two years, which means US authorities can weigh their values and social costs that arise from time to time. We shall sweep away these parasites from the US.

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